Logitech Harmony Remote Repair
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Extend the Life of your Logitech Harmony Remote Control!
  • Infrared LED Emitter Replacement
  • USB port replacement
  • Button repair/replacement
  • LCD screen repair or replacement
  • Logic Board replacement 
  • Repair 'Battery ADC/Missing License' error
  • Tilt-Sensor (motion detector) replacement.
  • Don't see a repair listed here? Just ask! More than one thing wrong? Contact us about multi-repair discounts!
  • Look under "Repairs" to find your remote model and repair needed. Contact us if you you do not find the repair you need listed or if you have any questions. Also, check our FAQ page. Many of your questions can be answered there!
  • Complete checkout using the PayPal buttons on the site. If you do not have a PayPal account, that's OK, you can also use any major credit card (PayPal is just our transaction processor). Your transaction will be completed on PayPal and a confirmation email will be sent. Shortly afterwards, we will send you ship-to instructions, though you can also find full shipping instructions here.  
  • Pack up your remote so it is well protected and enclose a copy of your order and any other notes you feel we should have to assist in the repair. You can also print this Repair Order Form and send it along with your remote.  
  • Buyer pays to ship the remote to us. On orders over $30, we pay to ship it back!
  • When your remote arrives, we will send you a note to let you know and give you an estimate on how long the repair will take and when the remote can be shipped  back. Most of the time, a repair can be completed within 2 days.
  • The repaired remote will be shipped back to the address provided by PayPal. 
  • A detailed, written repair report is included. All work is warrantied for 60 days!
  • If your remote cannot be successfully repaired, your service fee will be refunded.
  • See what others have said about our service! Read the reviews here!
 How Our Repair Service Works
Free shipping on all domestic (USA) parts orders over $30! Free return shipping is included on all domestic (USA) repair orders over $30.
 Examples of Services Offered
 Models We Support
  • For other models                                                        contact us