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Logitech Harmony 880 Repairs
Below are the Harmony 880 standard repairs that we offer. If you need a repair that is not listed, please contact us. We may be able to help!
Button Replacement. if your buttons have become difficult to use, or have stopped working altogether, then a tactile button dome replacement is probably what you need. Any button that does not respond with light pressure or is 'lazy' should be considered a candidate for replacement. But, before you consider placing an order, review this document, which will help you verify a button hardware problem and assist in determining how many buttons should be replaced. There is a $28 'bench fee' which includes the replacement of 1 button and this must be ordered as part of any button repair work. To add additional buttons, simply add an additional button to your cart and then, before checkout, change the quantity in your cart to reflect the number of additional buttons you need replaced. Each additional button is charged at $3.50 each. If you order a button repair, then  download the button template. You can print this, mark the buttons that need work and enclose it when you send your remote in for repair.  
LCD Repair or Replacement. If you have the 'blue screen of death', where only the backlight is lit and no images are displayed, then this can very often be repaired. We can either try to repair your existing LCD or install a used LCD that has been pulled from an otherwise defective H880 or H890. The used modules are functionally perfect, but may have slight cosmetic imperfections in the highlighting, usually with a slightly brighter area in the middle of the field. If your LCD had a well-distributed backlight with only minor (or no) washout before it failed, we recommend attempting repair before opting for a replacement. On the other hand, if your LCD already had significant display anomalies, like a very bright spot in the middle of the field, or is physically cracked or damaged, the module should be replaced. If you have a preference (repair or replace), you can indicate below when you order. The fee for repair or replacement is the same. $50.00
Preference (Repair or Replace)
IR Emitter Replacement. If your remote is no longer controlling any of your devices, and this behavior cannot be altered by a profile or firmware refresh, it is likely that your IR emitters have burned out. This can also be verified by using a digital camera or mobile device to look at the front of the remote while you press a button that should send an IR signal. You should see bright blue-white flashes coming from the front of the remote. If you see nothing, or, they are very dim, then the emitters are burned out or weak. Note that before you do this test, you should verify that your camera or mobile device can 'see' IR signals. Some devices, like the iPhone 4, for example, have filters that screen out IR and so, cannot be used for verification. Use your camera with a known-good remote control first so that you know it can capture IR. Then, test your Harmony 880. The fee for IR emitter replacement is $45.00
USB Port Replacement. If your USB port has detached, we can install a new one. We always use a new port, so don't be concerned if you don't have the original. Please note that the 'final' fee for this work will depend on the condition of the pads on the PCB. If any of the 5 'finger' pads are missing, we will be required to run trace wires to the nearest components or test pads. In addition, if more than two of the four corner mounting pads have been damaged so that the new port cannot be solidly attached to the board, epoxy will need to be used to ensure that the port does not detach again. If any of these additional requirements are necessary, additional up-charges will be applied. But, in no case will the USB port replacement ever exceed $65. Start by ordering the standard USB port replacement, (which assumes that there is no significant damage to the board), for $45.00. We've found that, most of the time, the pads are in good enough shape so that additional fees are usually not assessed.
Keypad Backlight Repair/Replacement. If your LCD wakes up when you press the Glow button, but the backlight under the keypad does not go on, we can repair or replace the Keypad Backlight membrane pad for you. If replacement is necessary, a pad will be 'harvested' from another 880 or 890, but generally, re-soldering the tabs at the bottom of the pad will fix this problem. If you decide to try this yourself, be very careful! If you apply too much heat or you stay on the contacts for too long, the contacts inside the pad will melt and detach and this can no longer be repaired, only replaced. The fee for repair or replacement of the keypad backlight membrane is $30.00
Tilt Sensor (Motion Sensor) Replacement. If your LCD and keypad backlight do not wake up when you move your 880 to a vertical position, or if it requires aggressive shaking to get your backlight to turn on, you can have your old sensor replaced with a much more reliable design that is silent, works every time and is virtually effortless. The 1st generation tilt-sensor in the 880 was so unreliable that Logitech replaced it with a better-designed 2nd generation sensor. Still, even this improved sensor is prone to becoming 'difficult'. Whether you have a 1st or 2nd generation sensor in your 880, you will be amazed at the difference that our replacement sensor provides.The fee for  replacement of the tilt-sensor is $35.00
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Charging Cradle 'Swap & Match'  Trade-In Service. Do you need to put weights on top of your Harmony 880 to get it to charge? Always need to wiggle it around or get it sitting on the cradle just right? If this describes your situation, then you have the same problem that plagues many Harmony 880/890 owners; an incompatible cradle form-factor. Some cradles just fit better than others and we use the 'Cinderella' approach - we just keep trying a different cradles until we find one that your Harmony 880 is happy in. It may not make the remote go into charging mode 100% of the time, but we can guarantee much less effort (and no weights required). Just send us your Harmony 880 with your current charging cradle (AC adapter and battery not required), and we'll keep swapping cradles until we find a more suitable match. Please - before you send us your remote and cradle because you are having charging problems, check two things: First, make sure that your original Logitech battery has not swelled! The 'blue-labeled' battery is prone to swelling and this condition can make it difficult or impossible to charge. You can read more about this hereSecond, make sure you are using an authentic, OEM Logitech battery! Non-Logitech batteries have been implicated in all kinds of problems including issues with charging and even catastrophic board failures! You should be using the 'white' Logitech battery rated at 830mAh or 930mAh. There are many counterfeit batteries on the market so if you are not sure if you have an authentic Logitech battery, send us two pictures - one of the label and the other of the terminal end and we can let you know if the battery is legitimate. If all is well with your battery and you want to proceed with the cradle swap/replacement, the fee is $27.00
Need multiple repairs on the same Harmony 880? See our Harmony 880 Repair Packages for discounts!
Button Repair 'Bench Fee' (Includes 1 Button) - $28.00
Additional Button (add once and adjust Qty in cart) - $3.50/ea